About us

       Shanghai Baoya Safety Equipment Inc. was founded in 2006, based in Shanghai, China, Stock code:836939. The company has always been adhering to the “Cherish Life, Concern Safety” philosophy, dedicated to building user focused respiratory protection equipment and air supply system. Baoya is the only company in China with own independent laboratory, a research team with top class experts and experienced engineers from all over the world and hundreds of patents. Baoya brings research, production and sales together to provide you the best solution for respiratory protection.

       Being the top company in respiratory protection industry, Baoya has always put innovation as the top priority.  In 2010, Baoya was named by the Shanghai government as “high technology enterprise”. Baoya SCBA was named as “Shanghai key new product”, “Shanghai high-tech enterprise achievement transformed product”, was also awarded in 2011 “China Fire Protection Association technology innovation---First prize”. Baoya’s  respiratory protection laboratory was named “Shanghai Pudong district research institution”. In 2013 was evaluated and named as “Shanghai little giant rising enterprise”. While being honored by numerous awards, Baoya has never let down the social responsibility and mission. Baoya has always been actively participating in national and industrial standard setting.

       Baoya, as the banner of national enterprise in respiratory protection industry, focuses on building the most comfortable and dependable respiratory protection system for Chinese. Emerging as the best from competitors around the world, Baoya has become the top selection for fire fighters. Baoya has the leading market share in SCBA since 2008. In 2009, Baoya was appointed by the National Fire Department as the training institution of SCBA quality inspectors. We have successfully conducted 23 training sessions, with over 1000 people participating. We are highly praised by the fire departments around the nation. During the World Exposition, our vehicle air supply system was adopted to assist with the anti-terrorism and chemical defense system. We provide insurance for the safety for the World Exposition and were highly praised by the organization.  Our products’ dependability and comfortability have won the trust of fire fighters, and also widely used in crude oil, electricity, steel, national infrastructure, nuclear power, etc. In 2014, our products are adopted by the national defense to provide insurance for the respiratory system.

      Leading safety production with high technology, creating reputation with high efficiency, ensuring customer benefit with high quality, founding our brand name with high prestige. Baoya has made a qualitative leap for the national enterprise by our expertise, customer focused and competitive products. We will firmly walk on the path of innovation to be the pioneer for respiratory protection system. We thrive to earn respect for Chinese creation and to make greater contribution for the safety of our nation.